I’ll will promote any of your YouTube videos through my global social media networks.

I have built up some very highly rated social media platforms over the years, and I genuinely want to help people achieve their goals on YT.
These are not machine generated views from a mud hut in a 3rd world country powered by a guy on a converted exercise bike – those will get your video banned.These are genuine users clicking on my links to watch your video’s. 

Why? because I recommend, they do.

I try to push the number of visitors and therefore views above the minimum that you buy.

Most of the time this happens, if not I re-run the promotion until I have achieved at least the minimum required views. 

Results almost always start to appear in 24 – 48 hours, depending on the day and time you want me to release it. I will figure that out for you if you want to have the maximum impact.

Of course these are real people and real promotion, so it can take up to a month, if you want huge amounts of views. 

Also I can spread them over (up to) 5 videos at an extra cost. 

I’ll screen shot the video before and after – so there’s no question I did my job.